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A VIDEO has revealed a man slamming police for parking on double red lines to get McDonald's, but viewers have been left divided.

A TikTok user took to social media to show her followers how a police officer parked a patrol van on the red lines to get her fast food fix.

The video shows a female police officer from the Metropolitan Police with a bag of McDonald's getting into a patrol van.

Seconds later, a furious man approaches the police officer and tells her that what she is doing is illegal.

He told her: "You're taking the f**** p***. Look at you."

But the police officer on the video completely ignores the man and gets into the van.


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Witness @nicolavskowronek filmed the shocking moment and uploaded the video to TikTok, and it has gone viral with more than 500k views.

But users of this platform are divided.

Some think that it's not much of an issue, but other users say that police officers should stick to the law.

One said: "Let them spend 10 mins of their break looking for somewhere to park, and then be away from their vehicle when there's an emergency."

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Another said: "I’ve seen officers eating in patrol cars then throw rubbish from the window, with bins close by. No respect."

A third pointed out: "Buying McDonald's is not an emergency.Shocking evidence of illegal parking."

The Sun has approached the Metropolitan Police for comment.

In terms of rules and regs, sometimes red lines are used instead of yellow, while there can be double or single red lines, too.

Red lines are used on roads that are very busy, and so there are a lot in London, often on bus lanes.

Roads with red lines are known as red routes and often have signs explaining "No stopping at any time" or "No stopping" and then days and times.

In the first instance, it's double red lines that have no stopping at any time, and there are no exceptions, apart from taxis and blue badge holders.

And the no-stopping rule applies 24 hours a day and 365 days a year -even if the roads are quiet.

According to AA, drivers can be fined £70 outside London and up to £130 in the capital.

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