Watch as ‘Karen’ leaves note on man’s six-wheel monster truck because she’s ‘tired of looking at it’ – but people agree | The Sun

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THE driver of a six-wheel monster truck has uploaded a video to social media of a note left by a 'Karen'.

The man shows the note stuck to the driver's window of his Jeep truck asking him to move.

The video, uploaded to TikTok by user @Blanqlivin, shows a 6×6 Jeep Wrangler and trailer parked on a residential street.

The title of the video reads: '#Karen strikes again!'

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While the note on the jeep reads: 'Pease move this vehicle to another place…

'Not in front of anybody's house!!! We're tired of looking at the truck and trailer and we need our parking spaces.


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'You're not even living here!'

The TikTok post has been liked more than 200,000 times and some 18,000 comments have been left below the video too.

The man filming, pointing the camera at the note, says: "Take a second to read that.

"I guess because it's a second home they think we don't live here.

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"Look at this neighbourhood, these people think they've got the nicest homes in the nicest place, like it's Saudi Arabia or something.

"This is a public road. A public street. Can you believe that? Someone leaves a note like that."

He swings the camera around to show his large trailer and 6×6 truck parked on the side of the road.

But lots of people below the video were quick to side with the 'Karen' who left the note.

One said: "It should be illegal to park a trailer in the street."

Another said: "Both illegally parked. Can not park within 25 feet of a cross walk on either sides."

A third said: "I mean… they’re not wrong. That’s a big vehicle to have to look out your window at every day."

While another person commented: "It’s your second home and vehicles left in front of their houses?

"Um I’m with them on this one!"

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