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A barn find explorer has revealed a stunning collection of hidden classic cars that could be worth a fortune.

The treasure trove of retro motors included rare Porsche, Bentley and Lotus models  – but all in need of a lot of TLC.

YouTuber The Bearded Explorer posted video footage of the lucky find onto his channel, which has almost 200k subscribers.

The video opens with the intrepid explorer navigating his through a disused, overgrown road talking about how the collection of cars he’s discovered are extremely rare and valuable.

As the road clears, he moves into a field with old farm machinery strewn over the ground, pointing out an old Triumph that has fallen into disrepair.

Next, the camera moves into a barn where two classic Porsche 911s are revealed, with one in much better shape than the other.


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An unfortunate model has almost completely rusted away and is covered in a thick layer of  grime and bird droppings.

An MG is the next car under the camera spotlight, before the Bearded Explorer strikes barn find gold.

Hidden under a cover, with just the bonnet poking out is a Jaguar XK – which the YouTuber claims can go for more than £100k.

Further Bentley, Lotus and Triumph models are uncovered, while a move into other barns on the site reveals Daimler and MG classics, along with1 a Citroen Dyane which is based on the legendary 2CV.

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