Was born on Aug, in the Manhattan borough of New York City, the only …

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NewYork2 3 The city that history used to remember is Wall Street.

As an adult, the young DeNiro quickly rose through the New York film industry, and soon was hired by several major studios. But, the same type of abuse that his father put him through, DeNiro also suffered at the hands of fellow actors and directors. His temper would frequently get the better of him, and it would often cost him both his career and his friendship. He was a big time alcoholic, and it cost him his acting career. He was also a frequent drug addict, spending years of his life trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction. Although, at the time most saw it as a gift that allowed him to get his career back on track. It was a curse that would eventually cost him the rest of his life. It was his mother that actually raised him, not his alcoholic fatherAs a result of all his life problems, DeNiro was the best he could be at his job. But, it was never enough, and he was never happy. Even when he was nominated for an Academy Award, DeNiro did not even accept the award. Instead, he simply threw the hat in a trash can. So, after all the bad luck in his life, and a lifetime of being told he was nothing but a disappointment, it is little wonder why DeNiro is currently so miserable and down on his luck. After all he has done for so long for us. DeNiros most recent films have been uninspired and uninteresting, he has been forced to take a backseat role in movies he did not want to take, and he has spent his last years just hiding until someone finally has the balls to murder him, Im looking at you Weinstein CompanyHe is literally a shell of his former self. The only good thing is his fame has been such that he seems to be able to get work now. But at least this will give you something to say:He has done more for this world, and this world has done less for DeNiro. And now with this, we conclude our collection of famous dead celebrities. Please feel free to add to it in the comments below. AdvertisementsLance Armstrong is a serial adulterer, drug cheat and fraud. What is amazing is just how many people have been convicted of these crimes by both the U.

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