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LEGO 2K Drive has a big issue that is affecting thousands of players.

People have noticed that they are losing their save data due to one simple mistake.

The latest Lego game came out yesterday for those who own the deluxe edition.

Standard edition players will have to wait until Friday, but there is something important they should know before starting the game.

Like many games these days, the game saves automatically as you make progress.

For Lego 2K Drive, this data is saved onto the cloud, rather than onto your console.

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This is not unusual, but save data often works with a combination of cloud and console save data.

This is so that your game can continue to save whether on or offline.

However, Lego 2K Drive will only save when you are online, which is something that it doesn’t warn you about.

On Xbox Series X|S or PS5 players can use a quick resume function, which allows people to resume their game without rebooting it.

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The game is still open while your console is in Rest or Battery Saving Mode so you can continue playing quickly.

However, when you continue your game from quick resume like this, it often disconnects from the server.

Meaning any progress you make in the game after this point will not be saved.

Lego 2K Drive does not inform players that it has disconnected from the server, which means that many people won’t realise there’s an issue until it’s too late.

Worse still, when you reconnect your game to the servers again, it reverts back to the last time you were connected, which could lose hours of progress.

You need to connect to the servers in order to purchase new vehicles. It also will reconnect and erase your save data whenever you shut down your console.

Lego 2K Drive players need to make sure they shut down, and fully reload their game every time they play. Continuing from quick resume will only result in lost data.

Hopefully, 2K addresses this issue quickly and people can start enjoying their purchased games.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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