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DRIVERS have been issued an urgent warning after a pair of sunglasses caused a horror car fire.

A picture of the vehicle shows a gaping hole where the windscreen has been melted by the intense heat.

The glasses had been left on the dashboard and it appears that they caused the blaze by reflecting the sunlight.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that they had attended the incident on May 27, the hottest day of the year so far.

Significant damage to the steering wheel and dashboard is also visible in the image, shared on Twitter.

The glass of the windscreen is cracked and scorched where the focussed beam of light seared through.


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The service captioned their post: "The sun has been strong but beware this can cause fire.

"Earlier we attended a fire caused by sunglasses left on the dashboard.

"Make sure you keep reflective objects out of direct sunlight."

It comes as the mercury touched 24C today, prompting Brits to flock to the beach to soak up the sunshine.

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And the hot weather looks set to stay with us, according to forecasters.

Paul Gunderson, chief forecaster at the Met Office, said: "The jet stream sitting to the north of the UK is holding unsettled weather systems at bay and allowing high pressure to dominate bringing fine weather to the vast majority of the UK.

"The current position of the high-pressure means we will see a westerly airflow over the UK, a cooler direction than if air was being brought up from the South, and areas such as Spain or Africa.

"Therefore, we are not likely to reach heatwave conditions, but temperatures will still be warm reaching the low 20Cs for many, particularly in the South West and southern Wales."

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