Want to flood any kahoot game with bots…

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Of course you have no idea how to make that happen so you ask for help. First off, you need to go somewhere where a lot of people are congregated. You say, getting a very dubious look. You say Wait, can I not go to a place where a lot of people are congregated. That would be like asking you to go to the mall. If you dont have a car, your best option is to walk. Youll probably go insane doing that though. So you cant go to a place where there are a lot of people. Im sure in my case, the more people I have to avoid, the more likely I am to get lost. She continues to explain that if youre really worried, you can always look outside. Theres a mall in the area you should be heading to. She begins scribbling something on a piece of business card paper and hands it to you. She says as quickly turn the business card over in your hand. Its not too far from my house, but I havent lived there since I was born. You nod at her comment, but still, you feel like she should know the right address. There are lots of malls in the area too; you should be able to find it. You take the information and leave quickly as she starts to leave. The next thing you know, youre in your car and driving towards the shopping center. You dont even notice the traffic or the noise until the driving is almost done. Then you realize your speed is incredibly high, but youre not sure about the time. You get to the destination, and as you were expecting, you cant find the mall, which doesnt even exist. You realize that this game is going to be really hard to beat. As you try to relax in the back seat, a hand touches your shoulder, which you didnt even notice.

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