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Re also the National Football League, NFL, player of the year. This should come as no surprise to you given your illustrious career as a professional football player. To your surprise, you do hear gunshots in the distance. A little worried, you quickly check your phone to see if anything noteworthy has been tweeted. Re just going to keep focused on your goal of winning the game. You walk over to the window and see Jets fans celebrating the fact that their team won. S no such thing as the National Football League, NFL This is just one more bizarre occurrence in the often bizarre life you lead as a Jets fan in the year 2012. You quickly come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as the National Football League. You shout to yourself, echoing the sentiments of the countless other Jets fans who have commented on these pages. S a Jets game being broadcast on a screen nearby. D expect that it was a Jets game due to it being the Jets game. Ll find out when you start watching the game. Re watching that game, a group of Jets fans make their way towards the TV screen. Re part of your favorite team and the only team you remember rooting for. The one who is coming to look out for you is another member of your favorite team, a Jets fan named Joe. You and Joe discuss what you should do, all the while looking out for.

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