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Something else You leave your home and walk to your neighbors house. You need some time to think about what your plans will be. You walk to the local store, whereupon you make a beeline for the fridge, where you find five cans of tuna fish, which you eat in a matter of minutes, and then you go back to your house. When you get back to your house, you find that your neighbor has just returned from work. He notices that youve arrived at a late hour. Yes, I am, you reply, and head into your house. You get your foodYou sit down on the sofa to eat your meal. Re just a bunch of greedy greedy greedy guys who want to exploit everyone. Re always stealing stuff, taking ships and killing everyone. T there anything we can do about it. S too damn big for you to conquer. Re like a shark swimming up against a weak little little wading fish. Maybe they should be more like you and swim away when they see a large fish.

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