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You quickly look around, and then hear the voice again and you see the owner of the store in the doorway of the shop with a shotgun in hand. Re back, I was just finishing up my shop work. Re already running as fast as you can. Re already too late as the shotgun blast from the shop owner is enough to knock you off your feet and into a wall. T stumbled upon an old and empty bathroom in this building. You start to panic a bit now, but you soon come back to your senses and decide that the quickest way to get help is to have a quick search of this place so you slowly make your way in that direction. The bathroom is more spacious than the last one you were in, so you take advantage of it to search the place for anything worth saving and luckily you find some useful items and supplies. And the last thing that you find is the key to the bathroom, which you take. You hear the person who saved you say. M not giving you any of this stuff. S what got me into this mess in the first place. S face is one of fury as he starts yelling at you.

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