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After all those years, this is the kind of match-up youve been waiting for: two of the most talented playerscoaches in history. The game wont be as exciting, the excitement will be low, the drama will be small, but you are looking for something different:The stakes are high. You play it safeYou are playing against the coach who let the most sacks go through his defense in the last game, with his team ranked number three in total defense. Your record against him and this game is not good. You could easily get shut out. In fact you might get shut out entirely. But thats not even necessary if you play it safe. The most critical thing you can do to win this game is to stay in the backfield. At the risk of sounding arrogant: I dont make mistakes, I dont make the same ones over and over, and I dont stop making those things. The two most important things you can do to prevent a big play are:1. Dont be careless and keep your head on a swivel, even when not under duress. You do that well enough and you pick up the passing game. That game, as you see it, is a marathon, not a sprint. You attackYou are going to keep running and try to wear down the defense because it doesnt look like you are about to win this game. You start off strong and with some big plays. Your opponent is in a bad mood but his men dont have a whole lot of plays left. Your best chance is to keep those legs fresh and not waste any plays. You make some big plays and even score one. Your opponent is getting angry, but he doesnt have a whole lot of plays left either. You keep running and running and run some more when your opponent finally gives in. I kid, I kid, its never that easyThis is going to be over quickly. Hes throwing a bunch, and hes not being too accurate either. And you know its over when your opponent throws the ball back to your own end of the field. You are going to get your revenge soon. Youre off to a good start, your opponent is tired.

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