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Day ago – Minnesota Vikings Latest News. Monday Morning Mailbag: Looking Ahead, – Vikings, News. -News:The Viking News is a very good paper. You cant imagine if you told them youre leaving, they wouldnt miss you. The Vikings are moving on to the next round, but you cant wait for the next one. You want to come by the new restaurant we have opening up in a little while. T wait, my stomach is killing me from sitting and I can barely walk. You make your way to the new restaurant which is on the outskirts of town in the area between several buildings. Ll go up in price once they are in full swing. When you arrive, it looks like a regular restaurant. A lot of tables are full and there are a few people sitting at the bar. You order a drink that looks a lot like a mojito. Re done with that, you see a guy who looks about your age sitting at a table in the corner. T see him drink anything as he looks just as bored as the rest of the people in the restaurant. You say not looking up from your drink. Do you feel like this place is unsafe. S more so because this seems like such boring place, I could probably kill myself here with no repercussions.

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