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You get a new email accountYou choose to use a new email account and quickly try it out. The email has a random string of letters and numbers and you have to read and enter them in the correct order. It seems quite easy and you are now on your way to an email account that you can actually manage. T even remember how you got them in the first place, so you have to delete them from there. You have to delete them from all the social networking websites as well that you used when you were a kid. Ve been talking with a few of them online. T done much besides message each other. Wait, did you two hang out. D like to talk to you though, just not about the internet. I got lost and had to walk all the way back. T know why I stayed in the first place, but I did. Ve been trying to remember where I came from for days now. T leave just because I got lost, I really miss you too. Ll go on a long story time about when I was ten and you were visiting from out of town.

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