Video: College students see socialism as 'good thing,' would abolish private property rights

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said, ‘If all of what the Democrats want is so good, why must they be so coercive about it?’ on ‘The Five.’

An online video shows students at a prestigious American university near the nation’s capital touting the benefits of socialism and supporting the abolition of private property rights.

“I’m [a] socialist,” a Georgetown University student said in a video posted by Campus Reform. “It’s kind of the only way we’re going to get anything close to real…social reform.”

That same student later dismissed the idea of private property rights and claimed it’s “really not” a right people have. 

One student, who identified as a member of Georgetown’s Young Democratic Socialists of America, was asked by Campus Reform reporter Addison Smith if he supports politicians who pass “socialist policies” through the democratic process.

“So, you want people to choose to elect someone to choose to take away [American’s] private property rights?” Smith asked.

 “No, it’s just… taxes, not private property rights,” the student responded.

Smith then pointed out that “money is property” and the student said, “If you consider a tax a violation of private property rights, then sure.”

Another female student said that socialism is “certainly a good thing” and that while it may sound “cheesy” to say, “it’s some level of equality.”

When asked about socialism, another student admitted that she wasn’t as “informed” on the topic as she would like to be but added that “capitalism is kind of the driver for a lot of the problems we have in America.”

Not all of the students celebrated socialism, including one student who said she was from a former Soviet country and says people here “don’t really have a perspective” on socialism and “we haven’t seen it working anywhere.”

Other students who had said they supported socialism were asked hypothetical scenarios about working hard to achieve wealth in their personal life and then having that taken from them to be redistributed. Multiple students admitted they weren’t fond of that scenario.

“Well, when it’s presented that way it certainly sounds worse,” one laughing student said.

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