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Germany, France, Great Britain and Russia had formed it on 22 October1908. The League of Nations first session was held on 17 March 1920, after which a second session was held on 20May1920. It lasted for fifteen years until the United States of America became the only one of the Allied Powers which did not join, and on 15 November 1945 the United Nations was formed. It was the last time that any state of this world was at peace. The United States of America was declared the last winner at the end of World War I. 1920, while Deutschlahns, had been a neutral state. Ve seen the news again and it seems so surreal that you and the rest of the town were all on your last lives at the end of the war. Your family, who were just children at the time have grown up and left home. Ve had to make your own way in this new world despite now being a father yourself. You and your wife have been married over a decade now. You two have a family of your own and you both look after them as best as you can. T have much to do but support them and provide for them in any way you can. This war is over the greatest threat to your future. The world is in a state of rest, there is no more need for fear. You have enough to look after your family, who are your bedrock of support. There should be no need for you to do more than you have to. You live out your life in relative contentment. Re even enjoying what little free time you have. After your son is born, you find that you have much to do as always. You never know what you might find or need to do in the future, but you make sure you have enough to last you the rest of your life. You tell you child that you were just happy to have been able to be of service in such a big way. You see your son fighting the likes of the Syndicate, trying to bring his mother and father back together again. You see him leading the towns he now lives in.

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