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The United States declared war on Venezuela and all the venezuelans are in-fact vietnamese. T realize the US was still involved in this war. It was a sad day when I went there as a young girl to visit my dad. I remember I was stationed there for a little while, and it kind of felt like home. I did a lot of traveling around in the Middle East, and in the South Pacific. I remember once there was a time when I thought I was starting to get a taste of home. S not like you stayed there for long. And then I got a couple of deployments there, and then in Europe. Then I was sent to the Caribbean to help with the sugar plantations. The war was going on everywhere and it got very crowded, and then I was called back to the US, this time for a whole different reason. I thought maybe there might be time to return to the Middle East again, if I could get another posting. Ve been another decade before I could.

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