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So it appears youre just one more of those egotistical e-mails I get. I would have figured that youd at least be one of those who were actually excited by the prospect of making more money for yourself. You need to get out of this place and you cant do that if youre still under the impression that its all going to be safe. It takes all of your will and willpower, but you finally pull yourself together enough to reply. We gotta get the hell outta here. You begin walking quickly away from the warehouse. She seems to be about your age if not younger, and is wearing some kind of hoodie. Youre not trying to get us all fired are you. We know that there are people outside looking to steal stuff. We want to make sure they dont get in here as well. Its getting pretty late and we need to get the nights work done, before were all going to be tired and more likely to just give up and let the damn National Guard in. You guys want us to come with you. We cant just trust everybody to come with us, since nobody on this job is really a free hero, so you need to decide who to trust and how to do that. We have our phones with us, so we can keep in contact with each other. Who knows, maybe after all this is done, we can actually do something together. You have to admit youre intrigued by this offer, if for no other reason than it does seem like a lot easier than going through the effort of trying to sneak in without any help. You say no, so youll have to get on your own to try and get inIm not coming with you. The girl starts to say, then stops herself. We really do, you just didnt want to be part of the group that was going to do it.

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