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You arrive in Las Vegas, the same city from the game. You think you can make out one of the rooms to be the Vegas room with the large, round TV. Youre not sure what you might want to do but you do remember that you have a bag of pizza in the car. You drive around looking for other places to eat before finding a place for dinner. But there doesnt appear to be anything near it. You get to your room and see a bottle of water next to the bed. You dont want to do this anymore than you already are. You put away your bag and put it on the bed as you remember your fathers advice and put the bag down on the floor. Youve been in this position so many times. All that was needed was strength and now youre too weak. All that was needed was determination, motivation and now youre too weak. It cant be true, after all youve done to prove to yourself why youre worthy of what will surely come next. You close your eyes and begin to cry, while you say the only words you think youll ever be able to say with complete conviction. The next day, you get up and leave the room. You walk down the hallway and see the same woman from the game behind the front desk. She looks the same, but it appears shes been through a lot. When you ask her where Jack is, she starts to say hes not with her and that she doesnt know, but stops short when you get close and point at the door. You walk through the door, but you dont see Jack anywhere.

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