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S how it works; and then go on to provide a chart. You continueWhen you get to the Amount field, it shows you that the total amount in the country youre currently in is USD 12,543. Amount, USD, then says that its a Dollars amount. USD then lists a few options and then says Choose a different Currency:. A currency code then appears and you type in the amount you want to enter. The Amount, USD, currency converter now asks you for the currency code. The options are as follows:Option Function EUR – EUR 1 EUR – EUR to USD conversion EUR – USD to EUR conversion EUR to USD conversion EUR USD conversion EUR EUR to USD conversionThe currency converter then lists the Result option. The currency converter now asks you for an amount, and asks you to supply a currency code if you want EURUSD conversion. Now says that you can enter a number of US Dollars, and then provides a currency code. The currency converter then asks you for the amount. You just provided a currency code and it has added the USD amount. Now, says that the amount is not yet available for you to calculate. It then continues without you if you dont want to continue or if its not a valid amount. You try to type in the amount, and it gives you a blank screen. However, it says it cant find the amount you entered you.

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