US Financial Aid is a student loan programme, offered by the US Federal Government…

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You apply to Transfer After four weeks, you arrive at Hester House to be told youre accepted. He sits you down, and hands you a clipboard, as well as your admission documents: a diploma, an application for a scholarship, and your acceptance letter. Well, well, well, have you been keeping up. Youre the only student Ive had to teach since the school opened. Reynolds, you say, I can see why this school is so popular. I can see why youre popular, too. Well, Ive heard your parents are very wealthy. Oh, they are, you say, but thats not a problem. You go to see your parents You walk into your house, where your parents are already gathered around the kitchen table. We hear you got accepted to Hester House, your father says, Now what is the first thing you plan to do. Well, Im going to take a trip to visit you, you say. Well, to see if Ive been accepted to school, you say, Ill be going to the schools office and showing them the diploma I received. Hmm, maybe you should have shown them the schools acceptance letter. A letter from the school stating you were accepted. But, they arent allowed to show letters of acceptance, theyre only supposed to show the diploma. And, Im telling you right now, the diploma isnt going to convince them. I mean, it says so right here in my diploma. So, you did get accepted to a prestigious school. Youre no doubt going to need a lot more money to pay your way to getting there. Of course it isnt, your father says, Youre my son, and Im teaching you how to be a lawyer. Its my obligation to teach you the value of money. Now, you need to go down to the bank today and get the rest of your money. Ill be paying the rest of your tuition, even if youre not accepted to the school, and youll need the money anyway, and Ill be able to spend it on a better car or something.

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