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Applicants With Current Financial Aid Application Are Not Approved For Early Action. 30, You apply for Financial AidYou apply for Financial Aid with your parents on Monday; it seems like thats the only day the application is available to the public. The process is pretty straightforward; the first step is to list how much money you have to your parents, and how much you want to contribute toward their education. The next step is an interview in which youre basically asked to show your parents an application to see if their donations will help you out with your school education. If they agree to your request for financial aid, then you get the okay to apply for financial aid. You can see how your application is going to go in your application for admission, in which they tell you about the decision process for financial aid. The application for financial aid is a little lengthy; youre probably going to have to submit it by a certain deadline. If the school youre applying to provides some sort of automated way of getting these, you can easily log into it to see when the deadline is. You submit your applicationYou submit your financial aid application on Monday; the deadline is Thursday. The school approves your aid application during your last week at college, the first day of classes That means you get to spend your first week at school with your parents. You end up spending most of the free time with them, but you still have a few responsibilities you have to take care of. The final day of classes is Tuesday; you dont get to use that free time that much. You finish your coursework and then youre on your way back to your dorm room. You get back in a couple hours, after you finish packing everything up from your previous weekend. You walk back to your room to find that your parents are both in their element at the computer. Hello, baby; how have your last few days been. Im sorry you got to spend so much time with me earlier, but I had to make a lot of things in a hurry. Thats because it is your first time at college. I got a lot of things to look at on my computer that need to be done. A light smile breaks out on your face, and youre sure she takes that as an invitation to join in.

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