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You go to UPSUPS is the cheapest you can get and as such you go there and get it. After a few days you try and deliver the package and find that the label is no longer valid. You cant figure out why, other than maybe the package got misplaced. You call UPS back to see what the status is, they tell you that you dont need to worry about it as there was no problem at all, you just cant deliver it to you have to deliver it to your local UPS store. Then you call back and they tell you you need to send it to UPS in Boston, as their website shows they do have a local store there. As youre calling back to see if UPS in Boston would be more convenient, you realize that youve never been there and youd never go there on a regular basis and you dont have a regular job, youd have to work there to get delivery there. That being the case you decide to just stay at the address you got from your UPS representative and try to deliver it there for free, since they said itd get to you within 3 days. You call UPS on your Paypal account and use their address in the order confirmation to get the package delivered to the UPS storeYou log on your paypal account and call to order the package. You get a busy signal, so you put a call through to the paypal customer support at UPSs home phone and get an automated Customer service: disconnected message. You try again and when you do, you get a busy signal once again. You put your call through to an automated Customer service: disconnected message. You take a deep breath and try again. This time you get a busy signal and so you give up and try once more. This time you get a busy signal and so you give up and call up the UPS phone number on your paypal account. The phone rings, but there is no answer. You give up too and call back the person you got the paypal representative to see if they have changed anything about the package for you, at least not in any way that they wouldnt expect to hear from you. You get hung up on, you get a busy signal and there is no way to proceed. You call back the person who had hung up on you on paypal. You get a busy signal and they tell you they are sorry and that there is nothing they can do since you havent called back and told them you needed something then called back in a reasonable amount of time. You call back up to get a real answer, you get a busy signal and you get no answer. You give up on them and call them back, you get a busy signal and the number stops accepting calls, You didnt think it was going to call back either You.

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