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The user can choose any of the pictures that he wants. You could also pick some pictures of celebrities you do like, but maybe not be the same exact person or that you do like. Which you could rate your own picture for how it looks. You could use your free image search facility to find some images of yourself that you like, rate them and upload them. You use the free image search facilityYou could probably get more results using your free image search facility. You could always use an image search of someone else though. It would be weird, but if you tried to do it with someone else, you would likely get an image of them that looks very different or at least the user might not respond so well. You almost get a little emotional over it, mostly because your family is the only thing you have left now and you want to see them again. The more you think about it, the more you realize that this is your last day here. Re moving on to the real world as you remember it. Re stuck in here with me, I have no idea why I should open it though. I just wanted to surprise you my love. In fact you can eat almost anything on my list if you wish. Ll want to make sure you stick with a few of them though. You sit up a bit and look around.

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