Update ‘tired and haggard’ furniture with budget-friendly hack

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The new series of Channel 4’s Changing Rooms has inspired Britons up and down the country to start decorating their homes. The return of the iconic series last year saw paint brand Dulux partner with the show to inspire not just decorators on the show, but DIYers at home. On the latest episode of the show, the team tackled a wardrobe upcycling project, turning an old cabinet into a stunning storage space.

The wardrobe had lines painted across it to create an asymmetrical, diagonal pattern in eggshell and pale pink.

Dulux creative director, Marianne Shillingford, said upcycling furniture is the key to giving space an instant refresh.

She said: “When our cabinets and drawers are looking tired and haggard, it can be very tempting to simply get rid – but there’s nothing more rewarding than re-falling in love with furniture thanks to your own handiwork.

“Upcycling has really taken off since sustainable shopping has become a greater part of our collective consciousness, so not only is jazzing up your existing furniture a fun and creative way to spend a day, it’s also benefitting our planet.”

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Marianne has shared her budget-friendly tips for upcyling a wardrobe.

Firstly, homeowners will need to lightly sand the surface of the wardrobe using a flexible sanding pad. This helps to soften the surface and helps the paint stick to the surface.

Next, to create the desired lines, use a low-tac masking tape on the surface of the surface.

Ensure the lines are equal in width by using a ruler to measure out the space.

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Next, seal the tape with the base colour you’re planning to use to ensure there is a crisp line.

It may be best to use a pale base colour like egg shell or white to create a more dynamic look.

Marianne continued: “Using a paint brush, pop some primer onto a paint tray – I recommend Dulux Difficult Surfaces Primer, as lots of furniture isn’t made with real wood.

“This primer ensures the best adhesion to multiple surface types.

“Apply one coat of primer, distributing it evenly across the wardrobe and making sure to paint over the masking tape for a clean, crisp line.

“Use a roller for the bigger surface areas. Use a paint brush for the corners and around the handles.”

Once the primer has dried, follow with Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood paint in a darker shade using the same technique as the primer. Marianne used paint colour “Raspberry Diva”.

Use the roller for the bigger part of the surface and a paint brush for any fine lines and crevices.

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Pull the masking tape off before it’s completely dry, as this is when the tape is more flexible and doesn’t pull the paint off.

The Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood means homeowners can paint on two coats in a day.

Water-based paint is also more environmentally friendly as the brushes can be washed with water.

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