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Suffice to say the Ancient Egyptian City is a keystone for the City of New York. You need to leave this City at least fora year to explain it. Re not getting out of this city today sir, no matter how tired you are. The next day you meet Bill and Harry and get on a plane. Bill and Harry sit in front of you in first class, you sit in the row behind them. Bill opens his bag and you notice in it is an Egyptian gold charm bracelet. Frodo, Harry and I are going to leave tomorrow to go to a cultural site in the New World. Re the least experienced in all of us of what this means. Re getting ready to go to sleep Bill and Harry talk briefly with you just about their day. S been a hectic one, but they hope to catch up tomorrow after their trip. And you and Bill are in full view of all the other passengers. Re tired and Harry starts to feel sleepy too and starts looking at his watch. Gentlemen, I must speak with you both about something right now. A small crowd gathers as you and your friend are about to disembark the plane. Ve been selected as our countries men will go with us. Re going to spend the rest of our days. Should we stay put and have our lives be controlled by them.

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