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With all the information that I have, I can now begin to see where the artifacts you brought with you might come in. Of course as far as I know, you did not bring anything that would help you open up any of the locked doors or even activate any of the traps in the first place. You might still have some extra torches. Ill have to keep this in mind when figuring out what to do about the loot you brought, but first let me ask for your help on something. As a courtesy I will help you in opening the locked doors in the building and the traps in it. There is a certain irony in me making this suggestion to you as I am trying to open up the door with no torch to help you, however if you are serious about this, then I can help you. You look around and see that there is no need to search the building for a torch in the first place. You could just look underneath the rubble and there you will find at least two. Of course this is somewhat of an open invitation to you and you have no choice but to agree. You search underneath the rubble just as quickly as you did the above, but you do not find any torches. You think you know of one that is probably still stored away in some office, but you never were very good at looking things up. You continue searching as you head back outside and on to the docks, where you take the torches that you have not looked for before. You enter the ship and set off, leaving the burning building and the destruction of the city behind you and heading to the nearby docks. You are not sure why you are even doing this, but you are glad that your curiosity has been satisfied. As you near the docks, you see a group of several people standing on the edge of the water, staring at the burning buildings that now stand burning and smoking by the dock. They look like they are waiting for something and you can only imagine that there is something being watched over the destroyed buildings. When you make the short trek, to the very edge of the water you see that there are two of the people standing in front of the burning building and staring at you with hatred in their eyes. You quickly head back inside and back onto the dock. You open up the door and immediately go running towards the front gates thinking that you will find a better idea.

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