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Theory that states that people who want to work have to work, but are. You can see that the government doesnt like unemployed people very much. In this day and age, you dont see why that has to be the case. You dont see why the government should be able to dictate such things that it doesnt understand. You refuse to speak to themYou will not speak to the government. They have no right to tell you how to live your life. You were born free and can die free. You can be successful or you can be failed. You dont owe them anything, not even your life. You refuse to speak to them and walk away from them both. As the world goes dark, you awake to a world devoid of life. You take a look at your watch and realize you have slept for quite some time. Even at this late hour, you doubt if you are the first one now to pass through the gates of your house. The sun is setting, and no matter how long you lie in bed, youll just be lying down to sleep in front of the TV, which you never watch these days. You have a girlfriend, who is very happy to know you are in fact alive, and is going out of her way to visit you when you are here. You have a brother and sister that are very supportive and happy that you are alive. You have a husband who is proud of you and appreciative that you are alive to spend time with him. A son and daughter, who spend time with you and your family when your time with them is over. Your house is yours to do as you wish with, but you are not going to do it. Your son and daughter are getting married next month. The man that is going to be your best man is going to be your best man at your wedding. You and he are very excited to spend the day together, and it is also the last night that you have to spend with your daughter before she is married. Your daughter comes downstairs to greet you, and asks if dinner is ready, which you tell her it is.

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