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THE UK's favourite car names have been revealed, with over half of British drivers giving their ride an endearing pet name.

Research by webuyanycar showed that 38 per cent of Brits admitted they just couldn't help but show their motor some love by giving it a name.

Popular entries on the list include Precious and Princess, while motorists added a romantic streak with 'The Passion Wagon' ranking high.

The most common name was simply Baby, with six per cent of named cars given the moniker.

As mentioned, The Passion Wagon came in high, ranking a close second with three per cent.

Tied for third were Lady and Love Machine with two percent each.


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Also equal with them was Herbie, presumably after the well-loved VW Beetle from the Herbie The Love Bug film franchise.

Lower down on the list came an unusual mix of more traditional names, for people at least, with Dave, Ruby and Daisy all at one per cent.

When it comes to thinking up pet names, one in five Brits opt for one which starts with the same letter as the model of their vehicle.

Examples include Baby the Beetle or Princess the Peugeot.

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The survey revealed drivers' deep love of their cars, with 54 per cent saying they "adore" their ride and 37 per cent feeling proud of it.

A further 31 per cent said their car has serious sentimental value to them and over a third claimed to feel an emotional bond with it.

On the slightly more niche end of the scale, over a quarter admitted to using the phrase "good boy/girl" to thank their car for a long journey and six per cent even said they chat to their motor more than to their loved ones.

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Richard Evans. head of technical services at webuyanycar, said: "We love the creativity of the British public but we’re not surprised to see Baby, Lady and Dave make it on the list of the most popular car names, having seen a fair few of these come through our branches over the years.

"While we can’t necessarily help you pick a name for your car, we can make selling your old car hassle-free so all you have to do is decide how to say goodbye."


1. Baby

2. The Passion Wagon

3. Lady

4. The Love Machine

5. Princess

6. Herbie

7. Dave

8. Ruby

9. Daisy

10. Precious

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