Two simple methods to clean tile grout

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A clever method to deal with tricky grout in your shower was detailed by the US homemaker behind TikTok account @keepitsimplesparkles. The mum posts her hacks and tips to 218k followers and has amassed 703.2K likes for her videos.

She detailed ” two simple ways to tackle tough-to-clean shower grout.”

The mum made a paste using cheap household products most have in their cupboards. She said: “Let’s make a paste. I’m adding baking soda and a tad bit of water.”

The cleaner detailed: “I’m using washing soda today because it’s more coarse, so it’s great for scrubbing. It should stick together but not be runny, just like this. This is perfect.”

Then, the homeowner took another took, a flat brush or a toothbrush. She said: “I’m also using a small flat brush, but a toothbrush will work great. Dip it in the paste and scrub, scrub, scrub. “You can add a little bit of water as you go if you feel like you need it.”

To boost the paste a little more, the content creator added another household staple. She said: “I’m going to add a little bit of vinegar here to give it a little kick and scrub again. Now it’s time to rinse and dry thoroughly because standing water makes more grout stains.”

When it comes to those marks you can’t wash away, the TikToker has a secret weapon. She went on: “And what about those ‘impossible’ stains we’ve talked about earlier? Ditch the brush and grab this grout pen that comes in four colours.

“This may be cheating but it works so well. Just wipe it across the ground and the stain is gone. I am obsessed with these.”

The cleaner claimed the product makes her grout look “just like brand new, a game changer.”

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Daily Express tries out hack to clean tile grout

Another part of the shower that seems to need constant cleaning is the shower screen. One cleaner shared a 60p salt hack to clean the shower screen. 

The hack has had a huge 74.5K views on TikTok and is simple and natural. Cleaner Nea titled the video: “How to remove limescale ecologically with lemon & salt!”

The salt in this hack works so well because it acts as an abrasive, to help further lift grime from the shower screen.

Another content creator shared their method to clean grout. The dad claimed he was “shocked at how fast and well this worked”. 

The Welsh “Daddy of Cleaning”, Rab, has amassed 10.5M “likes” for his videos. Rab recommended The Pink Stuff’s The Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner.

The brand claims: “Make your bathroom sparkle with our versatile non-drip bathroom foam cleaner.”

The reviews for the product seem to be overwhelming positive too. Of 1,076 reviews on Amazon, 73 percent are five stars.

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