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A twinning project is like going on a snow field, only more important now than before. It is like being in a snow field only more important today than in the past. A twinning project is like being in a snow field only more important now than in the past. You are not there anymore at least from a snow field because you are at least there in a twinning project. I think its a really cool and unique idea from the European Union. I think its great that they are building on the research they have done on community engagement. The most successful things you see come from social science, so Im really looking forward to seeing where they take it. I think it makes great business sense for them to do this. If they are going to have this kind of reach and popularity, they need the same kind of reach and popularity as Facebook. The big problem with Facebook is its not going to reach a bunch of people. Its more like an echo chamber in a lot of ways and it doesnt have a lot of engagement or conversation. What I love most about the project is that they have gotten in touch with a lot of people who have been involved in TWINing. I met so many people who were involved and really excited about TWINing and this is the kind of community outreach thats going to help people understand how engaging TWINing could be, and potentially why they might want to be a part of it. Its a great first step in the right direction in the right direction. As far as I understand, you can get your name in the ring with other Twinning names, which is going to make it much easier to get some traction. Its kind of funny as a person who went through TW.

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