TV licence: Certain households could be entitled to refund worth £159 – how to apply

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A television licence is needed to watch programming as it is being broadcast live or stream live content on streaming services. It is also needed to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. While the BBC is in charge of managing the licence fee, the Government is responsible for setting up any discounts. For a single property, one licence can cover all television sets, computers, laptops, phones, tablets and any other devices with a TV signal.

In certain circumstances, households may be eligible to apply for a refund on their TV licence.

Currently, the full price of a colour television licence is £159 for households and businesses.

A reduced fee rate is awarded to those who use black and white TV sets at £53.50 or a half price offer for those who are blind.

If someone paying the full licence fee price were to receive a refund, they could get up to £159 for the year back.

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Someone can request a refund on their television licence if they will not need it again before its expiration date.

They must also have at least one complete month left on it in order to successfully receive a refund this way.

Furthermore, households can claim a refund if their TV licence expired less than two years ago.

Those who claim the blind discount or are over the age of 75 are able to apply at any time for the refund, no matter how long they have left on their licence.


People looking to apply for the refund will not need to work out how much they are owed as this will be done for them by TV Licensing, the body in-charge of the fee’s administration.

TV Licensing tells applicants to complete the online refund form which can be found on its website.

As part of the refund application, claimants must include the name on their TV Licence, address and postcode.

Furthermore, they should also include the date from when they no longer need the licence within the application.

Those who pay their licence via Direct Debit are encouraged not to cancel it as this will be done for them when the refund is processed.

Sometimes those asking for a refund may be told to provide evidence and documentation to support their case.

Examples of what qualify as evidence include tenancy agreements, council tax bill or a solicitor’s letter.

If so, TV Licensing requires them to print out the refund form, or save it to print later, and sign it.

TV Licensing is unable to return original documents so refund applicants should only send over photocopies and printouts.

Anyone who does not have a printer should contact the TV Licensing directly, which will send over a refund form.

All completed refund form and relevant evidence must be sent to the following address: The Refund Centre, TV Licensing, Darlington DL98 1TL.

Refunds are usually processed within 21 days of receiving the application, according to TV Licensing.

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