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Renowned physicist analyzes declassified UFO footage on a new ‘Tucker Carlson Originals’

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku breaks down the unique characteristics of UFOs taken from government archives in ‘The UFO Files,’ available now on Fox Nation

In the latest installment of Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Originals,” host Tucker Carlson speaks with a renowned theoretical physicist, a former UK Ministry investigator, and government eyewitnesses to get answers and evidence on UFOs.

Is it a conspiracy? A government secret? Aliens or Chinese spies?

In the newly released “The UFO Files,” Carlson goes out in search of the truth.

In June the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report confirming that the United States military has investigated nearly 150 credible and unexplainable UFO encounters. 

“The strategic questions with UFOs are what are we dealing with, what are their capabilities, and what is their intention,” said Nick Pope, a former investigator for the UK Ministry of Defense. 

Up until this point the U.S. government has failed to publicly answer these questions.

One of Carlson’s highly knowledgeable sources even confirmed that there are credible reports the U.S. government and its contractors have obtained materials from these unidentified objects.

Despite this, there appear to be “distinct patterns” associated with UFO sightings, Carlson reported.

“There seems to be an attraction to anything and everything nuclear,” said John Greenwald Jr. of theblackvault.com

According to Greenwald, many of the reports occurred within close proximity of military testing areas — many of which were former testing sites of nuclear weapons in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

The Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan asserted that it is “understood” within the Pentagon, the intelligence community, and members of Congress, that there is a connection between nuclear weapons, reactors, and these “true unknown” UFOs.

Throughout the decades the government’s willingness to even admit the existence of UFOs, much less provide documentation of them, was non-existent. 

This all changed in early 2021 when the Navy declassified footage of some of their closest encounters with UFOs.

“For the first time we have videotape, which we can measure the characteristics of these objects—so this is now real science,” said theoretical physicist and author Michio Kaku. 

Kaku viewed footage taken from a DHS patrol plane which showed a five-foot-long object moving at over 100 miles an hour off the coast of Puerto Rico. 

The physicist noted the unidentified object was “effortlessly” moving in and out of water—something U.S. aircrafts and even missiles cannot do. 

“The stresses would be enough to rip metal apart,” noted Kaku. 

In early 2021, the Navy declassified footage of some of their closest encounters with UFOs. In one such video, Navy pilots captured a UFO off the coast of Florida in 2015—moving against 100 mile-per-hour winds. 

“This objects [sic] that we see on videotape can do what we think no Chinese, no Russian, or no U.S. hypersonic drone can execute,” said Kaku. “They break the sound barrier with no sonic boom, they can hit the ocean and not break apart.” 

Despite the multitude of swirling questions—Carlson said we can be sure of one thing:

“The human body cannot tolerate more than about 5 G’s [gravitational forces] for any period of time. We can say for certain there was not a human being aboard the object they were recording,” concluded Carlson. 

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