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Mortimer : Ma9:27 PM EDT The story is all just an invention. Who is the anonymous author of the post and why is a reporter in the middle of the action. How in the world did they get the stock quote from which the name of the company was taken. I get that an anonymous blogger on the internet posting shit for people to read it might not be traced, but how in the world did some reporter find the exact quote. It also seems a little fishy that this journalist is working on a story about TTD which was on the market when the stock price went to the newsstands on the day the story was posted. TTD was going to be one of the main stocks reported on in this story. How did reporter come across the quotation from the newsstand. 50 before the stock went to newsstands It just seemed like a big stretch that a reporter would find this quote and then not bother to get the other parts of the story. Or maybe the reporter did have the story at all but decided not to report it because it didnt seem to fit the agenda she was going for. In any case, this whole matter just doesnt make sense to me. I cant imagine a reporter would go to such lengths to put out a story that she knew might not be true or at least not in the way she was selling it. So how did the anonymous blogger get the quote in the first place. This led to questions and controversy over exactly how the Stockton Stock Exchange really reported its financials. Could the anonymous blogger in fact have gotten the Stockton Stock Exchange quote from someone at Stockton Exchange and just fabricated this post about it. Im sure someone would have noticed if someone had made the Stockton Exchange quote appear as low as it did, since if the writer in fact had the quote it would have made a story that much easier to sell I would also presume that any reporter who came across a quote like that would have taken it at face value and that Stockton Exchange would have reported the quote as though it was the correct market price.

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