Trump's Assistant — Ousted After Loose-Lipped Dinner with Reporters — Tells Her White House Story

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‘A Lot of Peace’

Now back home in California, Westerhout says Off the Record isn't a Trump-targeted mea culpa.

The president did, however, go out of his way to praise her book this week — after a more veiled tweet last year implying she had signed a "fully enforceable confidentiality agreement," which she says isn't true.

Westerhout says she has "no expectation of going back into the White House. I think I can be an advocate for President Trump on the outside and kind of a breath of fresh air for people."

She's been periodically in touch with the family but never heard back from Tiffany, after apologizing via text last year.

"I'm not closing the door on any opportunities," she says. "I do hope that this book opens some doors for me. But I think we're in the midst of a global pandemic. And so I think like most Americans I am focusing on spending time with my family, on my health. And taking a breather."

She will turn 30 in October and says, "I'm hoping the next five to 10 years bring me a lot of peace."

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