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And now youre back in what must be the cab of the limo thats waiting for you to take you to the airport, but you still feel so uncomfortable. You head to your room and lock the door, and while youre there, you can think about something in the bathtub before you go to sleep. But the government has already said that this is a national emergency. You turn off the television and pull the covers over your head, putting on your own bathrobe when youve thought about what you should do, and finally fall into the bathroom, shutting the door. You think for a moment, and at first you consider doing what you were about to do with the dead bodies in the morgue, but then you think of the fact that whats already happened to them, and you decide against it. The rest of the day goes by slowly, as you drive, and you watch the sun rise over the city until youve stopped the limo outside the hotel. You climb out of the limo and take a moment to get your bearings, but before you know it, the suns high in the sky, and its time to get going. You dont think about how long its been since you were here last, or where you were before your disappearance. You just think about the place you were, and how you could be again, no matter what you have left that isnt gone. You drive into the hotel, and then the limo takes you to the room where youll sleep today. It still isnt entirely obvious to you why this government is doing this to you, but youre sure its not just to get sympathy while it continues its pursuit of the Shadow Organization. A conspiracy that theyve been actively involved in for decades. The government has already been able to say that an Iranian plane supposedly crashed in the countrys airspace, and that the crash killed everyone aboard. All you want is for them to let you go. If they just let you go theyd finally be letting you go your own way, away from the clutches of the government. But the government is using the deaths of your family like a reason to detain you without charge. Still, some part of you wants to press on. Perhaps you could get information out of this place, perhaps you could find the answers to those questions you still have. You can think about those things as you go through the night.

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