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The money is to be raised by selling bonds, but its unclear whether the bonds will be used for paying off the governments outstanding debt, but instead for various purposes of the rich. You think back to the past and then try to visualize what will happen to the people of the world when these bonds eventually mature. Well, I guess its the least we can do for a little help before we start to sell off all of our personal holdings. I thought about buying a new house, but I figure we can still get a good price on one of those government-owned homes in the Valley District. We can get a place on the east side of the city, closer to our business district and the subway. I also thought about buying a plot of land somewhere, but Im not sure where. We can probably get something for less than a hundred thousand dollars. You stay in the cityThe idea of your family and any potential heirs not having the financial freedom to go anywhere sounds terrible. The idea of a lifetime of living under a roof sounds even worse. If its possible for you to stay in the City of the Lost, youll do it. Ill take the subway on the east side of the city, and Ill go into business for the rest of my life. Let me start anew right now. Your wife nods in agreement with your decision, and together you go into work. You begin to wonder what kind of business youll start down the road to start anew with a clean slate. The money markets around the world have already begun to fail. The bond markets have already collapsed, and the price of gold had risen steadily, but dropped dramatically when the United States decided to pull out of the World Bank. The price of gold rose to new highs, and then it fell in tandem with the price of credit default swaps. The worlds nations, having spent the last 10 years fighting each other, no longer have any common policy. Theres no longer any money in the worlds banks. Theres no more reason for them to lend. Theres no longer any way to pay back debts because theres nothing left.

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