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Youll be taking the lead here, and, um, the rest of you are coming in as well. Now, what you need to do is go to the treasury. And it says there are a number of ways to access information. You cant just hit return on this thing and search through all the information there. You cant just hit return on that and search through the information there. I know what I did wrong; I should have been able to find out everything the government has to offer. Oh, please; let me go to my boss apartment; I need to be alone. Please, can you let me leave. At-at least I can get over my fear. At least I can be alone, and then I can go home and talk to you. So can you let me go. Please, let me go to my office. I know its far, but Im sure just getting to the front desk. Let me go; I need your help. Youve got to let me go to my home. You need to let me go to my apartment and I can tell you everything there. Look, what do you want me to do. Youre the one that should know what to do, you know; you wrote a book about the computer. But this just isnt my book, this is my book and if you cant even read this, what chance does this book have with you. I mean, if you can see the problem here, Im not a computer; Im alive. Im a person and Im a persons only daughter. I just want to live one day with you. Um, the first thing you need to do is log on to your own Treasury. Gov account, where you can enter the information that will unlock me and make me yours. Gov site, enter your username and password.

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