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Some of those slaves, were, some of the, some, were, of, the, children, of, were, of were, Africans, Afrophobes. You will not be bought by the West Indies CompanyYou refuse to be a part of their slave trade. You have enough trouble enough with the Natives already, you will not make the world a more dangerous place by joining the slave trade. After a long pause you reply Then I shall never join you. You join the West Indian CompanyYou join the West Indian Company. In fact you dont even go to see your new friends. You tell them to get lost, and get the hell out of here. You go home and tell the rest of the tribe about your decision to join the Company. They tell you to come to their camp and see for yourself and give you a little reward. You are curious to know exactly what you are getting and if all these people are as brave as the Chief tells you they are, so you go to the camp to see for yourself. The people here are much larger and more heavily armed, but the natives are no match for you. The Chief is a fearsome man but is out-matched by your tribe. At night the tribe fights a series of successful raids that wipe out much of the West Indian Company forces and also bring an end to your own, though you manage to return to the Company encampment, having managed to evade capture. Having won the war, your tribe are given land to settle on and the Chief is given a seat in parliament to rule over the tribe. You have become famous as the man who was credited by the British government with saving the world. You have many supporters and are one of the best known personalities in the tribe. You refuse to be a part of their slave trade. You do not join the CompanyYou refuse to be a slave.

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