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You waitYou do nothing until the shadow is almost over the entire Earth and the darkness enveloping the entire globe only lasts for a fraction of a second. As the new moon rises over the Earth you see it for yourself for the first time. The full moon is not only beautiful, but it is also indicative of peace in the world. You are happy that you finally made the right decision and that you have never had any bad feelings about your decision to kill your parents. You feel the shadow moving towards you and you hold the pistol tightly in your hand as you start your journey towards the center of the Earth. T move an inch when the first ripple of shadow hits the water and you sink to the bottom of the lake with the shadow. As you move deeper and deeper into the darkness, you begin to feel an unnatural amount of pressure in your chest. As you stare at the black and white surface of the water, you begin to feel sick again. Your hand goes down to your side and you find that you have a broken rib. You exclaim and throw up all over the lake. The only good thing is with this mess you wash yourself off and you recover in some time. You sit on your beach chair by the shore and take quick sips from your water bottle. You have to pee like a crazy person, but you manage to do it and it feels like an eternity. Finally you get to a point where you have to get dressed in case you have to leave now or ever. Hey Suzy, come on you can do it, just try it. You hear a voice shout and you look and see a tall, thin man with dirty blond hair. Suzy, look at me, do you know how to tie a tie. You mutter and slowly look down to see your pants and underwear completely unbutton and your ass fully exposed. You say turning your face away to.

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