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You ask for a flyerAh, fine, you want to see the flyer. Are there any other places you could give me something. Let me check my wallet, then we can see. You notice that the man is holding some papers, but you dont know what they are. And you see a flyer, but its from a different company. Check this out, the ad says, Wanted: Average person who is a fan of the Mantis Star. The man grabs his wallet and hands it to you, and your jaw falls open when you see all the names, companies, prices and. You explain in the calmest tone, what the flyer said is. OK, OK, OK, well ignore that one. Anyway, this company, CORUS ENTERTAINMENT INC, is selling its property for a premium. You ask, expecting the ad to just say a profit. You explain that you can sell the property for about 50 more than the advertisement suggested. The man smiles, looking happy that your interest was piqued. Were selling our property for a premium, we can afford to. Youre in a dilemma: you need to sell, but on what terms, or you dont sell and it wont be worth anything. Oh, and if you can sell a single mansion for 300 million dollars, I think you should go for it. OK, fine, OK, youre doing a good job. The man takes his wallet and leaves, and your mouth drops open. Why did you just sell a mansion for 300 million dollars. Why the hell would you even get a job with an average company that had a flyer like yours, you didnt even get a flyer like that. You need a job where the boss can give you a mansion for 300 million, thats how youll know you made it.

This information about Corus stock price