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Your boss taps her finger on her lips. The government is going to pay us well, plus a bonus. And when you finish your construction, we are going to do a big celebration. Now, I want you to go get some of that construction work, because you are going to need help in that area when you start working on the second building. You nod as you leave the station to go back to the construction site and see your boss waiting with a lot of her workers. Thats why Ive been hiring the best people I can get. I want everyone here to be able to say they are employed by the Galactic Empire. I want everyone here to get used to working in a work place where work is a right and not some privilege. We are going to make the people live, so when were done, were going to build a big mansion. I want every resident to have their own section and a room like in a mansion. Then were going to turn this place into a hotel. I want the place to be like some of the hotels in the Galaxy, but better. That way, I can recruit the best people, and my people can be fed and not thirsty. Weve got a long way to go, but I know we can get there. Your boss begins to speak of the plans you need to implement as she gets everyone in the mood and prepares them for their work. Youll be happy to know the construction of this new building isnt going to take weeks, but the completion of it is going to take months. Youll want to have a few construction workers on hand so they can maintain the areas the construction workers arent going to have access too or get food and water for the building workers. Once the work is done they will all be able to go back home. I will contact them through the radio station at the construction. After that, theyll be able to live wherever they want, and can work anywhere else. Ill tell them to have a good job, because their skills will come in handy when we take over the planet. Oh, and dont call the station, because they can sniff that stuff out. Ill be getting me a few guards now to make sure I have some help while we take over this planet. Im sure theyre already assigned to you.

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