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I see that we are here to participate in our third consecutive battle. I guess todays the day then as we head to the battlements. I am going to do my very best for this battle and in my efforts to survive, so please do not get too frustrated. I will try my best to speak clearly and use my abilities to our advantage. When you arrive at the battlements, you see that each battalion has set up two separate battlements where they are ready to launch their respective attacks. For our side, our two battalions are ready to charge the main enemy lines at the left and right wings of the fortress. The left wings are stationed on either side of the hill overlooking the main gate while the right wings are positioned on top the hill, facing the gate itself. We will be facing the opposing forces from behind the walls. Our side has positioned one line of light infantry, soldiers, in front of the main gate which will serve as our battering ram should we have to force our way through. Your line will be behind the main gateway, defending the left flank and the front line of your troops on the left flank. The line of infantry has been formed and is standing by in a line waiting for the battle. The lines of light infantry are readied and the banners raised. The ranks of heavy infantry roar their approval and prepare to strike. The line of archers ready their bows and prepare to fire. You raise your hand towards the skiesHail, soldiers of the Second Battalion and bravest of the brave. With this salute, you send forth a beam of light from your hand from the hilltop and into the sky. The beam of light is so bright that even on the ground, it blinds the eye. Hail light troops, hail thunder, hail light troops. With that you raise your hand towards the heavens. An odd feeling is felt by people when you do this, but you dont know what it is. This seems to be your way of saying Thank you for your help in this battle tonight. You continue to do this ritual for some time then suddenly:What the hell happened to me. You suddenly feel a numbness in your fingers. While you are feeling numb, your mind is also somewhat confused. Well, you didnt just cast a beam of light from the top of the hill, you had to do it from ground level as well. The whole time you were up there.

Information about Ibex inclusion