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S been very positive about mobile phones and electronics lately. D love it if they all merged up. On the surface, Timothy, Donald, Cook seems to be a high-minded member of society; after all, hes an industrial engineer and a high-powered executive. S been working for Apple since the early 1980s, just a few years after Steve Jobs founded the company at the age of 19. He is widely praised for his product development, and is known for the Apple logo, the Apple II, and the Macintosh. Delia, Nel, Cook, and the owner of the Cook Construction Company. Cook started as an apprentice to his father, helping him build display cabinets for local businesses and later helping him produce some of the earliest computer prototypes. Cook was a member of an informal committee that Steve Jobs created to organize a possible merger of Jobs computer and electronics company and his music company, Pixar, but Jobs failed to get the necessary financing from other members of the committee to push it through.

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