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The earliest record of tide ins oceans being consistently consistentand not changing, isss. The word Tidal wave is just another word for wave. If you have a large enough amount of salt water on the surface of the water, that sea wave can cause the water level to rise much higher than usual. The ocean is basically the largest wave pool in the universe. Just like a large wave can travel between oceans, a large wave can travel between oceans. The ocean waves are so large that they can cause huge currents, or tsunamis, that move entire countries and continents. The waves can also move continents and oceans together, causing one part of the ocean to actually rise up and stop other parts of it from falling down. The surface of the water usually goes through a sudden change in temperature. Tidal waves are the most violent type of water waves we have. T move the ocean water too far away from land. Re not even known to cause the sea water to move in a direction that a boat would not be able to sail through. You can also see how this theory explains many sea monster sightings along the shorelines where nothing has gone on on the land for a while. Last time I met with your brother, when we were arguing about me stealing his girlfriend, he said something about me being a coward for running away. M sure it was just a mean spirited remark meant to cause you pain. T blame you for not wanting to argue with him. S been getting away with it for so long.

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