Thousands of homes to get ‘free’ £150 next week – Are you eligible for council tax rebate?

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Martin Lewis offers advice on council tax rebates

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the cost of living hike in recent months has left many Brits strapped for cash. In light of spiralling bills, the Government has introduced a £150 council tax rebate which will apply to swathes of households across the UK and will start being paid by many councils from next week. Here’s how you can find out if you’re eligible for the refund, and how to make a claim.

Who does the council tax rebate apply to?

Households who live in council tax bands A-D will be given a rebate of £150.

If people were liable to pay council tax on a property they live in as their main home in these bands on April 1, 2022, then they are eligible for the payment.

If you aren’t sure which council tax band your household falls into, you can check via the Government website.

Someone who is already a recipient of Local Council Tax Support will also get the payment, even if their council tax bill is less than £150.

The Government website adds: “Where the occupants of a property in bands A – D are exempt from council tax on April 1, 2022, they will also be eligible if the property falls in one of the following classes of exemption: Class N (students – other than HMOs for council tax purposes), Class S (under 18s), Class U (people with a severe mental impairment), Class W (annexes occupied by a dependent relative)”.

Councils have also been given a chunk of extra cash from the Government to distribute to people who may not be eligible for the council tax rebate.

A discretionary fund of £144million has been allocated, so you may be able to access some of this funding and other support via your local council if you get in touch directly.

How can you claim a council tax rebate?

Council tax refunds started rolling out in April and some people have already received the payment, but many households are still yet to receive theirs.

Schedules for council tax rebate payments will differ from area to area, but several councils will start rolling out the payments from next week.

You may be able to find out more on your local council website about council tax rebates and payment schedules.

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People who pay their council tax by direct debit should receive the payment directly in their bank accounts.

Local councils should contact people who live in an eligible property and who do not pay their council tax by direct debit to arrange payment.

Regardless of how someone pays their council tax, the Government website explains that people do not need to do anything in the meantime to get their payments.

Claims for the council tax rebate can be processed up until September 30, 2022.

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