Thousands back plot to scrap council tax for pensioners

World News readers have shared their views on a petition calling for council tax to be scrapped for state pensioners, with many saying the tax is far too high and should be binned for pensioners. A petition on the Parliament website calling for the tax to be abolished for pensioners has already had more than 10,400 signatures.

The petition reads: “We want the Government to abolish council tax for everyone in receipt of the state pension.

“After a lifetime of paying tax, National Insurance is abolished at retirement age. We believe council tax should also be abolished at retirement.

“Some pensioners have to spend around 30 percent of their state pension on council tax, which can be an enormous outgoing.”

More than 100 readers have responded to the news of the campaign with their comments.

Many have backed the policy change while others said they are happy to pay the tax as long as they know the money will be well spent.

One reader, Dingle6677, commented: “Council tax is way out of proportion to wages, 30 years ago I was paying £160 for the year, that’s with water payment.

“Now it’s £2,200 with water, I’m in the same house. Wages have gone up obviously but those days I could easily pay the £160 in one go, but can’t pay the £2,200 in one payment.

“Goes to show we in the UK are being heavily taxed on everything, something has got to be done.”

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Commenter Peagreen69 said scrapping the tax for pensioners was a “good idea”, particularly as parts of London have “the lowest council tax in the country”.

Another person, LizGlaisher, agreed there is a disparity between rates in the capital and other parts of England.

They said: “I pay more council tax on my tiny semi in a rural English town than a friend who owns a large central London property.”

One pensioner, writing under the name Sommer, said the tax is particularly expensive in Wales.

They commented: “Try living in Wales on basic state pension and paying £2,500 for a small bungalow. That is Wales, you are better off in England.”

Another person, Rodka, said the tax is a huge burden for them as well, stating their council tax is “now higher than any mortgage payments I have ever paid”.

Commenter Cardenal Mendoza said they thought the way council tax bands work is unfair. They said: “Council tax based on property value is in my opinion wrong.

“The value of a property does not always or even often equate to the income of the resident. People use services not properties.”

Commenter L65 said they don’t mind paying the tax, as long as they are confident the money is being spent appropriately.

They said: “I have no problem paying my council tax but I do have a problem with the wastage and mismanagement of that money.

“As contributers at both local and national level we should get a say on what our money is being spent on.”

Several others spoke about how council tax takes up a large part of their pension. Commenter The Ginger Biscuit said: “My council tax takes 25 percent of my pension but I don’t support abolishing it for pensioners.

“I think everyone should pay something towards services but a decent discount would be helpful.”

Another person, Astarmer, said: “I pay a quarter of my state pension in council tax, another quarter in gas and electricity, that leaves me half for food, clothing, etc. I don’t drink or smoke and I don’t complain. Thankfully I own my house.”

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