Thomas James Jay Feely, born, is a former American football placekicker…

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Re on your way to meet up with them at the local fastfood joint. Hey Thomas, when the hell is this fucker going to make any real moves. Jay says sitting at his table eating a burger. Well, today Jay is going to be moving out from under me. T compete with all the women that are coming here by now. S just using us as temporary cribs as he cleans up his act and starts his own shit. M not my OWN boss, do you understand. Well, my boyfriend Jay is always fucking around on me, and I mean all the time. S been pretty decent to me, but I think he wants something from me. At this point Jay gets up and walks over to the window to look outside. S so great for you, why not keep him around. Re getting married and fucking and all that shit. M doing something productive with my life.

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