This chimney draught excluder reduces household energy bills by £177

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With the winter steadfastly approaching, it’s a wise idea to start saving energy ahead of the Ofgem energy price cap increase. If you’ve got a chimney at home, this one simple tool can potentially save you hundreds of your next bill and keep you warm in the cold weather.

Save hundreds of your next energy bill by adding a chimney draught excluder to your home. Chimney Sheep have a range of draught excluders that block 93 percent of airflow during winter and start from £18 up. Buy one now to save on energy bills.

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There are over 11 million homes in the UK that have a chimney, making it one of the most prominent features of British households.

However, it can be incredibly energy draining, but Brits can start saving on their consumption with one simple product.

According to the University of Liverpool, this chimney draught excluder by Chimney Sheep will save customers 5 percent off their energy bills.

With the new energy price cap increase, this equates to a saving of £177.45 for the average household, making the chimney draught excluder a must-have money-saving item for the winter.

Easy, cost-effective and simple to use, the Chimney Sheep draught excluder is designed to be inserted into open chimney flues and can be easily removed if you want to light the fire.

Made with a thick layer of felted Herdwick wool, it works to reduce draughts by blocking 93 percent of airflow.

Herdwick wool is highly durable, breathable and blocks airflow while allowing sufficient ventilation and reduces the ‘stack effect’, which happens when the air outdoors is significantly colder than indoors.

This means that users can turn down their central heating during winter, but still feel warm at home.

With a range of shapes available for all chimneys, Chimney Sheep draught excluders only start from £18 up and you can buy it here on Amazon.

In addition, the Chimney Sheep draught excluder is the only one to hold a BBA Agrément Certificate, which provides industry reassurance of the product’s fitness for purpose.

Each product has a clamp and handle and is easy to insert and remove.

Amazon’s choice is the 13 x 13 inch Chimney Sheep draught excluder which is only £29.99.

Jim Alison wrote: “As we have an open fire, if the fire is not lit the draught makes the room cold. Chimney Sweep has worked well and there are no longer any draughts.”

Discover more Chimney Sheep draught excluders on Amazon here.

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