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Making the subway just before the doors close. You exit the subway with a new determination in your heart. You head to your place and get ready. A few minutes later, you arrive at your place for the night and immediately begin getting ready for your shower. While youre in the shower, you start to think about a few things, but you have to stay focused to your training. You quickly realize that youre stuck in a crappy apartment and that its really starting to rain. Fortunately, you have a small raincoat left over from another job that you can easily hide in. You also find some old books that you can read in the back yard, and once you finish that, you can read and practice your new found skills in the sun. Your new found motivation is helping keep you going in this shower, and you end up getting yourself a little wet. As you finish up, you hear the shower door open up, so you quickly finish up and hide in your room again, closing the door and hiding in a corner of the room. You hear a few loud noises in the night before hearing a noise of some sort or other. You run out of your room and immediately run to the back door, which is also partly open. You run to the back door, but before you even get near it, you see a woman with dark hair running through the rain toward your house. Looks like shes still upset about the job. Oh come on, she looks a little anxious to be in town, doesnt she. The way she was running through the rain, it sounded like she was having problems getting there. And she ran by my door instead of the train tracks. Anyway, Im just gonna go over here and calm her down. You cautiously walk over to the back door and see the woman still frantically rushing to your house. Im sorry to worry you, but we. You sigh and say, Fine, well figure it out, but we should do this a little closer to the house. Im going to go get my stuff.

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