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Re going to tweet a picture of its web address. You go to the twitter site and enter the web address. It looks like a regular website, and has a few pictures of a pretty lady in lingerie, but then it takes you to a message box. Would any of you happen to be working from home. Then the screen flashes a bunch of different pictures from different parts of the website. T you tell one of your co-workers to do it for you since you got the hang of it so quickly. S busy doing something else at the moment. Do you think I would be making you angry. Ve said NO just to save yourself the trouble. M pretty good at manipulating people and you are a little more susceptible to my advances than others, plus you are a little young and vulnerable right now. Geez, not all men are created equal, you know. M getting some kind of special deal or whatever. T really have any other ideas for this so you agree and then she proceeds to take you to the site and then shows you a video of some scantily clad woman in some sort of erotic situation. T feel any different seeing porn, but you do feel a little weird staring at the screen.

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